Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo
18th Annual
 Boise Valley Fly Fishers Present

2023 Expo Logo Fly: Stone You Later

Creator:  Scott Blackhurst


  • Hook: Any in sizes 12 – 8 in either a down or straight eye
  • Thread: 6/0 or 70 denier fl. Fire orange
  • Tail: 4 strands of olive crystal flash
  • Rib: 1 strand of 70/180 denier orange thread
  • Abdomen: your favorite tan dubbing
  • Underwing: 4-8 strands of olive crystal flash cut to about middle of tail in length
  • Overwing: about a penile size bunch of Alpaca wool or a para post material
  • Thorax: thread with a few turns of brown hackle wound through


Start by pinching down the barb of the hook or use a barbless hook. Start the thread where the back of the thorax will be or at the 1/3 hook section. At the ½ way point, tie in the olive crystal flash and continue wraps to the where the barb would be. Cut the flash as long as you would like, I cut about 3-4 hook-eye in length. Tie in the strand of orange thread. Create a sparse dubbing noodle and wrap back up the hook to the thorax area. Spin the orange thread counterclockwise and counter wrap up the abdomen to the thorax area and tie off and cut off the tag end. Tie in the 4 strands of olive crystal flash and then pull the tag end back and tie the bunch in. Cut off at around the ½ length of tail. Take whatever you are going to use as the wing and make the tips uneven. DO NOT butt the ends. Tie in so they are slightly longer than the underwing. Using the thread, make a base and even out the thorax area, ending back at the wing tie in area. Prepare and tie in a brown hackle. Advance the thread to behind the hook eye. Make 4 – 5 wraps of the hackle through the thorax to

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