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BVFF sponsors several angler challenges as part of the BVFF Education and Conservation programs.  These challenges are designed to give BVFF members another reason to go fishing and to build fellowship among the members, as well as learn more about the native trout and other fish species found in and around Idaho.

There are currently five challenges.  BVFF members completing any or all of the challenges will receive a certificate and be identified on the BVFF website in recognition of their achievement.  Information on each of these challenges can be found by following the individual challenge page links.

BVFF Idaho Arctic Grayling Challenge:

Catch and release an Arctic Graying within the State of Idaho with a fly with a barbless hook using fly tackle.

BVFF 20/20 Club:

Catch and release a 20 inch fish of any species on a size 20 or smaller fly with a barbless hook using fly tackle.

BVFF Popper-Slam Challenge:

Catch and release a Largemouth Bass, a Smallmouth Bass, a Bluegill, and a Crappie using a top water fly and fly tackle.

BVFF Idaho Cutt-Slam Challenge:

Catch and release 5 subspecies of cutthroat trout using fly tackle and single barbless hooks.

Idaho State Record Challenge:

Break one of the Idaho Catch & Release records for any fish using fly tackle.


Appropriate advice for any of these challenges, Daniel Ritz (Trout Unlimited:  Ted Trueblood Chapter) offers these tips after completing the Western Native Trout Challenge in 2021.

Other Western Native Trout Challenge News:


For each BVFF or Idaho State Record (Catch & Release) challenge successfully completed BVFF members will receive a

  • Recognition certificate
  • Award pin
  • Gift certificate for a local fly shop

BVFF members can only receive an award once for each challenge.

Other State Challenges

Arizona Trout Challenge

Five species of Arizona wild trout or 8 species of all trout in Arizona

New Mexico Trout Challenge

California Heritage Trout Challenge

Six species native to California.

Heritage Challenge Guide

Oregon Trout Challenge

Partner member of the Western Native Trout Challenge.

Utah Cutthroat Trout Slam

Four cutthroat species native to Utah

Wyoming Cutt-Slam

Cutt-Slam Guide

Nevada Native Fish

Native cutthroat, whitefish, and trout to Nevada

Western Native Trout Challenge

The Western Native Trout Challenge is a multi-state challenge, which encourages anglers to see and fish in many areas to meet their challenge.  Idaho has partnered with the organization as part of the challenge.  Idaho F&G described this challenge in their Aug 2021 newsletter.

Western Native Trout Slam logo

Fly Fishers International (FFI) Cutt-Catch

Safe Fish Handling

BVFF is a supporter and strong proponent of Catch-And-Release angling.  We encourage the safe return of all fish caught, and to handle fish properly for their best chance of survival.

Please consider the following:

  • Use a net to reduce stress on the fish.  Rubber nets are the best.
  • Don’t drag fish onto the bank, it’s hard on their head and gills.
  • Wet your hands before handling the fish and keep your fingers out of their gills.
  • Keep the fish wet. Minimize time out of water.
  • Have your camera and ruler ready
  • Give the fish time to recover before release.

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