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Catch and release a 20 inch fish of any species on a size 20 or smaller fly with a barbless hook using fly tackle.


  1. The fish must be photographed with minimal stress. (We recommend using the Keep’em wet method, see for principles and tips). The entire fish (head to tail) must be in the photo with a measurable point of reference (measurable point of reference can be fly reel, grip of fly rod, net, tape measure, hand, or measuring bar on a float tube apron).
  2. The fish must be caught on a single barbless fly, using fly fishing tackle.  A photo of the fly must be submitted with the documentation.
  3. Application must include a 20/20 Club Log Sheet with pictures.
  4. Applicant must be a member in good standing to qualify for the award.
  5. All fish must be caught and posted after the BVFF challenge program start date of 5/9/2019.


Send documentation and photographs to::

Boise Valley Fly Fishers

PO Box 311

Boise, ID  83701

BVFF 20/20 Log forms and other information files are available for download here:

 BVFF 20/20 Log Sheet MS WordPDF 
 BVFF 20/20 Guidelines MS Word PDF

BVFF 20/20 Club Members

 Tim Old



 Owyhee R, OR

 Owyhee R, OR

 Brown 20.25

 Brown 20.5

 #20 WD-40 Red

 #20 WD-40 Red

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