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  • 31 Jul 2023 10:43 AM | Brian Martin (Administrator)

    The results are in and they indicate this year's Henry's Fork outing was a resounding success. Thank you to all who submitted a survey!

    And Thank You to John Proveaux and Scott Lieberg for hosting the event!

    Here is a summary of the survey results:

    1. Level of satisfaction with communications - 4.3/5 - Comments - more details at and near the event, notice of the pot luck dinner came late, e-mail communcations need an overhaul - use of frames is 20 years old, there seemed to be last minute changes to the plan - establish a plan early and stick to it,
    2. Each evening, the hosts provided an informal setting to gather and socialize. Except for the pot luck dinner on Saturday, none were well attended,
    3. On Saturday night, BVFF hosted a pot luck pulled pork dinner. Level of satisfaction was - 4.8/5 - Comments - fun time and met new friends, a great deal of food!, is there a way to have a social event without all the work for the host?, great job for an informal gathering, it needs to be earlier and specific, I liked the talk about yourself around the campfire as it helps people become familiar with others,
    4. Level of interest to do the Henry's Fork in June each year - YES!
    5. General comments - Concise information about group activities. Perhaps schedule some social time before dinner. Some were cooking and eating before others arrived. Perhaps some useful links to articles, websites etc about the specific area;Keep up the good work. What about some outings that are closer to home. I'm new member and am surprised that most of the outings are 3-5hrs from Boise, would love to learn about places that are closer to Boise; It was serendipitous that the trip coincided with the Green Drake hatch as well as it did. Perhaps that was part of the plan, but the timing seemed good; My wife and I had a really great time and got to meet some great people.

    This feedback will be reviewed by the Outings committee and used to improve future outings. We value your input and want to provide the best possible experience during these events.

  • 31 Jul 2023 10:11 AM | Brian Martin (Administrator)

    On September 16, 2022, I began a journey that set a lot of firsts for my wife and me that continues today. You would have found my wife, Lynda, and me fishing the famed South Fork of the Snake River for the first time ever. This was our first time in a drift boat . Our first BVFF Outing. Our first guided fishing trip. My first Cutthroat Trout.

    That first outing with BVFF is one filled with many memories. It wasn't just about the fishing. It was more about the experience and opportunity to connect with others who share the same passion for the spectacular world we live in. A chance to get to know others in the club in a setting where your thoughts are about the next cast, the amazing waterfall, the terrific food George and Linda Butts prepared, or who made that amazing broccoli salad?

    This September, BVFF's annual trek east to the beautiful Swan Valley in eastern Idaho is fast approaching. There are 17 members and guests registered with plenty of time and room for you join us. I hope you seriously consider making this year's outing.

    This outing is being hosted by Mark Aldridge and Kent Black and takes place on a world premier fly fishing river with Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, and Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat. You can get your start on the BVFF Cutthroat Slam.

    There are also myriad other rivers and streams within a short distance. The Teton River and Henry's Fork are not too far. Many small mountain streams flow into the SF Snake and Pallisades Reservoir and offer the best chance at the Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat. The Salt River flows in at the head of the reservior.

    Join us this year and start your own firsts, meet others from the club, and make memories that will last your lifetime.

  • 03 Jul 2023 4:16 PM | Brian Martin (Administrator)

    June 21 to 25, found about 24 BVFF members and their guests in eastern Idaho fly fishing the world renowned Henry's Fork of the Snake River. This was the first outing in quite a while (maybe the first ever) to this extraordinary river.

    Many thanks go out to hosts John Proveaux and Scott Lieberg for their efforts during the past year to coordinate this wonderful outing. The information they provided regarding hotel accommodations, campgrounds, fishing guide services, fishing the Henry’s Fork and other area rivers, etc. proved invaluable. THANK YOU!

    John Proveaux               Scott Lieberg (near)

    The weather was a bit sketchy with rain and scattered thunderstorms on Friday and blue skies on Saturday. The overcast skies on Friday provided for a Green Drake hatch and some terrific fishing. Many fish were boated and then released for the next fly fisher to catch. Each evening after a day of fishing or sightseeing, we’d sit around a warm fire and tell stories of the day’s adventures.

    Tom Old, Scott Cheser, George Butts, and John Proveaux

    Talk around the fire on Saturday was that Bob Law had the magic flies and not only caught the most fish but also the largest. Supposedly, while his guide and boatmate were breaking for lunch, he continued to fish and hooked a 20" rainbow. The guide had to leap 20 feet from the shore into the Henry's Fork to net the fish. (Distance of leap and length of fish may be exaggerated).

    Bob Law preparing for an epic day of fishing

    For those not using a guide, there were myriad tributaries of the Henry’s Fork to explore. My wife and I tested our skills on the Buffalo River for small brookies and rainbows. Using a #10 Green Drake dry fly and #18 PMD dry fly, we managed to land a few although setting the hook on these small fish was challenging. Imagine a 6” brookie aggressively taking a #10 Green Drake and trying to get a hook set. Needless to say, we had more takes than catches and the action was non-stop for a couple of hours.

    On Saturday evening, the entire group met at Ashton Logs Cabins (the host site) for a meal of pulled pork sandwiches and wonderful pot luck side dishes. It provided a terrific opportunity to meet BVFF members and their families and friends.

    Let’s plan to do this outing again in 2024!

  • 26 May 2023 9:09 PM | Tom Old

    In May we had our annual trip to Bruneau Dunes and our combined potluck with WFFI. Gove Arms was a hot lake, both for fishing and temperature.  Bert Williams, White Spider, and Mike Kingston, Green bug, were the flies to use. The quest for the crappie on a popper continues for many chasing the BVFF Popper Slam Challenge.

    On May 25th, 20+ members met to prepare the 18-month Outings Budget, 2023 -2024, and draft plan. In 2022 we had our first 18-month planning process.  From that meeting came the plan to have a BVFF Outing at Ashton on June 21st to June 25th; the outing information was posted 12 months ago to give members the time to plan. Our Outing Host, John Proveaux, will be communicating with the registered members on events and providing information on fishing in the HF area.

    The outing is posted at:

    In June, Mike McLean will present an update on High Mountain Lakes in the McCall region. Only 100 miles from Boise is this wonder land of summer fishing. The meeting information is at:

    This presentation was part of our 18-month plan, and we will have an August outing to fish the lakes, rivers, and ponds in McCall. Between the presentation and the outing, BVFF is working to get you on the Water.

  • 11 Feb 2023 10:45 AM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Mike Anderson of Reno Fly Shop has graciously provided his presentation slide set from the meeting on 2/9.   These have been posted on this website, available to BVFF members HERE.

    This page has links to previous meetings and additional information.

  • 30 Aug 2022 1:24 PM | Bob Davis (Administrator)

    by Tom Old, Outings Team Lead

    How has your time on the water been going?  In my case, it’s never enough. The primary goal of the BVFF Outings team is to help you get on the water more. We do that with scheduled outings, traditionally on the third weekend of the month and we have introduced the “Meet-up” concept of an outing. 

    A scheduled outing is basically an overnight trip that we publish as soon as possible on the BVFF events calendar.  

    This provides a one-stop location for all BVFF events. I would recommend that you select the calendar view and match with your own. The outings team is already planning outings for 2023, so you will have to select 2023 to see our planned trip to Ashton, June 2023. 

    Make your plans and reservations now. 

    We will be updating as we recruit an “Outings Coordinator” for the events.  Do it as a team with your fishing buddy!. Rumor has it that the team is planning an extended outing to the McCall are in July 2023 – keep watching for details. 

    So, what is a meet-up? 

    Simply a member saying “I am going fishing, who wants to join me?” The member works with the outings team to develop a quick announcement. It’s a great way to fish more. This summer we had meet-ups lead by Steve Adkins, Tom Old, Scott Lieberg, John Hofland and Glenn Anders. Plus, Bob Harder was the host for the Silver Creek outing in June. 

    For either a scheduled outing or meet-up, we need a coordinator (member), who will help with the event. The outings team’s role is to manage the process and the communications to the member base. We have detailed instructions and will walk you through the process, so if you would like to help BVFF get on the water. This process only takes a few minutes to plan, plus hosting the event on the water. So contact, to help BVFF: 

    To help promote BVFF and to help members find our group, we now have a feather flag that we will install, when possible, for you to find us and enjoy your BVFF membership. 

    See you “On the Water with BVFF.” 

  • 28 Aug 2022 4:06 PM | Bob Davis (Administrator)

    A great day for members to meet up and fish. More meet ups planned. Check the schedule.

  • 08 Aug 2022 3:49 PM | Jim Kazakoff (Administrator)

    Several thefts and car break-ins have occurred recently at the SF Boise River, as reported by Erik Eikanger at Idaho Angler.  One IA customer had a number of expensive rods and reels taken from his vehicle.

    Several thefts and break-ins (smashed windows) have also occurred at trail heads in Boise, so the same precautions apply when fishing on the Main Boise R.

    • Lock your car/truck when on the river
    • Keys behind the gas cap-- first place thieves looking to access your car will check.  Do something different.
    • Be aware of who might view you as you leave your vehicle 
    • If possible don't leave gear visible in your car or accessible
      (e.g. truck bed)
  • 04 Aug 2022 6:35 AM | Bob Davis (Administrator)

    On Tuesday, we had a meetup for a float from Swan Falls Dam, Snake River, to the first take-out point around 3.5 miles downriver. We had 11members and guest, take two drift boats and three kick boats on the float.  

    All in the group caught numerous small mount bass and enjoy the unique scenery of the canyon. Our outing coordinator, John Hofland, provide guidance about the river and shared his special Swan Fall Poppers; these really work.  

    There is a chance we could schedule another float in the coming weeks.  Any interest?   

    See you on the “Water with BVFF”   

    - Tom Old

  • 29 Jul 2022 6:09 PM | Bob Davis (Administrator)

    We hope you are having a great summer of fun and fishing. Many of our members enjoy float tubes or other craft on lakes. In case you have not seen the updates, we are having a meet-up for you to get your craft check-out or we will have several types for you to try. Also, we will have a safety whistle and material for all that attend, from Idaho Parks and Recreation.

    Here are  few pictures from last Wednesday's meet up at Eagle Island State Park. In planning this meet-up we found this great article on float tube safety, please read as we want you all be safe on the water:

    Upcoming Outings


    In September, we are returning to the South Fork of the Snake. Your Outings Coordinator for this event, George Butts, is requesting that you sign-up at the link below so he and his team can start planning the BVFF events.


    In October, we are planning to return to Duck Valley; a wonderful place to use your float tube!

    Coming Up in 2023

    In June of 2023, BVFF is going to Henry’s Fork. Now is the time to start your planning and make reservations:

    More meetups are coming. Look for announcements in the next week on a McCall meet-up and other trips!

    Save the Date for Expo 2023

    January 6th and 7th, 2023 – check-out the great expo fly and pin!

    See you on Water with BVFF!

    -Tom Old

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