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Idaho State Record Challenge


Promote the sport of fly fishing in Idaho, and awareness of Boise Valley Fly Fishers in the public.  Promote catch and release angling.  Provide recognition to the angler achievement of a new Idaho state record catch.


  1. You must be a BVFF member in good standing.
  2. The fish must be caught from legally catchable populations.
  3. The fish must be caught on a single barbless fly, using fly fishing tackle
  4. The fish must be photographed with minimal stress; that is, raised above the water, photographed, and then released unharmed, not photographed flopping on the bank.  (Use the Keep'em Wet method.  See for principles and tips.)
  5. This award program is promoting Idaho Fish & Game Dept Catch & Release state record program.
  6. All fish must be caught and posted after the BVFF Challenge start date of 5/9/2019.

For more information on current Idaho State records and requirements for submitting a claim to Idaho Fish & Game, see Idaho Fish & Game.

Note that a fish must exceed the current state record by 1/2" to qualify as a new record catch.


  • $25 Gift certificate
  • Registration with BVFF as challenge winner
  • and of course registration with Idaho Fish & Game as current record holder.
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