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Virtual Whitefish Derby

February marks the month BVFF traditionally holds the White Fish Derby, an annual event for nearly 50 years.  In 2022 BVFF will resume this popular event in its classic format, with COVID-19 precautions adhered. We ask for the support of BVFF members and the angling community to do their part so as to bring an end to this pandemic.

BVFF will ALSO be holding a VIRTUAL WHITE FISH DERBY. This is to encourage members to get out and fish.


  • All participants must be current BVFF members prior to registration for the event.
  • Each participant must register for the event. Registration is accomplished using the registration link for the event on the website. You must be a BVFF member to register.
  • Derby participants will post directly to our BVFF Facebook Page. In your submittal add the following data:
    • A picture of the whitefish held next to a tape measure. Make sure the tape is readable. See document HERE for methods of measuring.  The electronic picture must be properly time/date-stamped to have been caught during the open period of the derby. (Suggest using cell phone camera)
    • Date and Time whitefish was caught
    • Location (which river, e.g. Boise Main, SF Boise, etc.)
    • Fly used (optional)

  • Note: Members without Facebook access can mail their entries to
  • The derby begins Feb 1,2022 and will conclude on Feb 28,2022. Registration will be closed after this date.
  • By posting you are giving BVFF rights to post your picture on our website, Facebook and Instagram.
  • There is no fee for entering the derby.

Please use this (FaceBook) Hashtag on your photo's: VWFD-id

PRIZES:  Prizes are awarded for winners of the white fish derby as selected each year.

You can enter numerous times. The pictures are not limited to White Fish. Post pictures about your day on the water.

Bottom line, go fishing!


There are several ways you can measure your catch for the derby.  These are documented HERE.

Tips On Catching Whitefish

For some help and tips on whitefish, check out the BVFF video HERE

Whitefish Derby Winners

 Year Winner Winning Fish
  We do not have earlier records 
  Steve Adkins 

 Troy Pearse

 2022 Richard Jones19.0"
 2023 Steve Banks 

2021 Derby Results

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BVFF is a supporter and strong proponent of Catch-And-Release angling.  For our derby we would like to encourage the safe return of fish caught, and to handle fish properly for their best chance of survival.

Whitefish are NOT a rough or "trash" fish, but an important native fish to the mountain west and Idaho.  Please consider the following:

  • Use a net to reduce stress on the fish. Rubber nets are the best.
  • Don’t drag fish onto the bank, it’s hard on their head and gills.
  • Wet your hands before handling the fish and keep your fingers out of their gills.
  • Keep the fish wet. Minimize time out of water.
  • Have your camera and ruler ready
  • Give the fish time to recover before release.

    Whitefish Derby [3rd Saturday in February]

    “Fish, Food, and Fabulous Prizes”


    This event is a long-time traditional and annual outing for BVFF, held at the South Fork Boise River (below Anderson Ranch Dam), when weather and road conditions permit.

    The derby is open to the public, with pre-registration and a nominal entry fee.  Prizes may be awarded for the largest and most whitefish caught during the fishing time period.  The event concludes with a chili feed and winner announcement, held at the Village campground.

    Tradition specifies that the derby winner is responsible for cooking the chili at the succeeding year derby event.

    The Whitefish Derby is a great reason to get out on the river in the winter and practice your nymphing skills. “Getting Out” is the primary objective, but we do have a fishing competition. Keep the fish, but don’t bring back any fish less than 14 inches.  Of course, if you want to keep and eat whitefish that is up to you.

    Weather  is always unpredictable for the event in February, ranging from total whiteout snow to a bluebird winter day with sunshine and no wind.  Driving to the South Fork in winter can sometimes be a challenge, with an icy road, or very rarely,  gumbo mud, down to the canyon.  Participants should be prepared to handle these driving conditions.

    The event may be cancelled for safety concerns if conditions warrant it.


    • Largest Whitefish
    • Most Whitefish Caught

    [ Categories and prizes may vary for each year's derby ]

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