Boise Valley Fly Fishers
Since 1971


Boise Valley Fly Fishers Creed

  • Take care of the fish.
  • Respect other anglers.
  • Leave it better than you found it.

Boise Valley Fly Fishers Code Of Angling

BVFF anglers observe and promote the following code of angling:

BVFF Anglers:

  1. Obey all laws and regulations associated with the fishery.
  2. Respect private property and always ask permission before entering or fishing private property.
  3. Minimize their impact on the fishery and leave it better than they found it.
  4. Avoid fishing for spawning trout and are careful to not wade through spawning redds.
  5. Follow best practices for Catch and Release Fishing.
  6. Give fellow anglers ample room and do not cut-in and fish water in front of them.
  7. When fishing from watercraft they do not crowd other anglers or fish through their water.

Best Practices for Catch and Release Fishing

When done correctly, catch and release methods result in high survival rates. The following practices can help you minimize your impact on your fish. The “Keep ‘Em Wet” philosophy is a great way to take care of your fish.  Always strive to:

1) Minimize Air Exposure

2) Eliminate Contact with Dry Surfaces

3) Reduce Handling.

  1. Use single barbless hooks as they reduce fish injury and handling time.
  2. Stop fishing for trout when water temperatures rise into the upper 60s.
  3. Land your fish as quickly as possible. A tired fish takes longer to recover.
  4. Use a net to land your fish as they help reduce handling and the potential for injury.
  5. Handle your fish carefully to avoid injuring it. Don’t squeeze the fish or hold it by the gills.
  6. Keep the fish in the water while removing the hook.
  7. If the fish is tired, give it time to recover in your net before photographing and releasing it.
  8. When photographing the fish, keep it in the water until the last second then take your photo quickly.

The BVFF Code of Angling and Best Practices for Catch and Release Fishing are adapted from the Fly Fishers International Code Of Angling Ethics and the Keep Fish Wet organization #KeepEmWet and #FillTheNet.

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