Boise Valley Fly Fishers
Since 1971


BVFF Time Line

 Nov 1970 Marv Taylor, Ken Magee, and Will Godfrey meet at Tom Sweeney's Dutch Oven Cafe in Boise to discuss possibilities of forming a club devoted to promoting the art of fly fishing.
 Jan 1971 First meeting held at Idaho Agriculture Laboratory conference room after placing ad in The Idaho Statesman for an ad-hoc start-up meeting.  87 Individuals show up for the meeting.  Steering committee formed to identify ideas and goals for the organization.
 Feb 1971 2nd and 3rd meetings held, over 100 in attendance at each
 Feb 1971 3rd Meeting-- Boise Valley Fly Fishermen, Inc chosen for the name, and the club would affiliate with the national organization, Federation of Fly Fishermen.

65 Charter Members

First officers elected:
  • President: Ken Magee
  • Vice President: Will Godfrey
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Rossman


  • Art Aamoth
  • Mike Rossman
  • Dave Robinson
  • Len Glaser
  • Rich Allsop
  • Dan Kline
  • Will Godfrey
  • Eric Korte
  • Ken Magee

BVFF Awards & Recognition

 1975 Federation of Fly Fishermen
McKenzie Cup

An award, given annually to that FFI Club which has made the most outstanding contribution on behalf of the FFI.

  • Must be an FFI member Club with a minimum of three years of continuous affiliation.
  • Awards should be based on cumulative service, but significant activity in the past year is important. 
  • Activities and services performed should be primarily on behalf of the FFI. Those functions may have as their primary outlet another organization but ultimately benefiting the FFI should be of secondary consideration.
  • Outstanding contributions are those that are conspicuous in relation to others - consistent contributions over a period of time. Contributions should be defined as those acts that fall within the scope of Article II, Section I of the Constitution (objectives of the FFI).
 1992 U.S. Department of Agriculture
Certificate of Appreciation
National Volunteer Award
Bear Valley Creek
The Forest Service recognizes partners, volunteers, and staff for their contributions in five categories:
  • Citizen Stewardship & Partnerships
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Enduring Service
  • Leadership, and Restoration.
 1994 Idaho Wildlife Federation
Conservation Organization of the Year
 1996 Federation of Fly Fishermen
Western Rocky Mountain Council
Club of the Year

Awarded to that active club of the Western Rocky MountainCouncil (WRMC) that has made outstanding contributions to the WRMC and the Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF).


Fly Fishers International President's Award 

Boise Valley Fly Fishers was awarded the 2018 President's Award for their assistance with planning and consultation for the FFI 2018 Fly Fishing Faire held in Boise, Idaho.

NOTE:  Organization name changes have occurred over the years:

  • Federation of Fly Fishermen, Inc. (FFF)
  • Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF)
  • International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF)
  • Fly Fishers International (FFI)
  • Boise Valley Fly Fishermen, Inc (BVFF)
  • Boise Valley Fly Fishers (BVFF)

Cane Pole Award

Wilbur Hoyt Award

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