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Chasing Mr Whitey

07 Feb 2023 11:08 AM | Troy Pearse (Administrator)

It's February, and time to chase some mountain whitefish!  Mountain Whitefish are native to our local rivers and an indicator of water quality. The Boise River in town has a healthy population of Whitefish and the S. F. of the Boise has some of the biggest whitefish in the area.

Whitefish are more tolerant of the cold winter water and are more eager to take a fly than their trout cousins.  One key to catching whitefish and trout in the winter is to get the fly down to the bottom where fish are holding.  A drop-shot rig is a great way to do this and can be fished with or without an indicator.  Here is how to build a drop-shot leader.  Additional information on Euro-Nymphing rods and techniques can be found on the BVFF Euro-Nymphing page.

Whitefish have small mouths so it helps to use smaller nymphs. Some good patterns to try are:

  1. #16 Black or Red Zebra Midge
  2. #16 Olive Thread Frenchie
  3. #18 Rainbow Warrior
  4. #16 Frenchie
  5. #18 Red Brassie
  6. #14 Blowtorch
  7. #12 Prince Nymph

Additional Information.

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