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Ada County Parks & Waterways Master Plan Update - BVFF Positions

03 Aug 2023 7:33 PM | Brian Martin (Administrator)

Ada County Parks & Waterways Master Plan Focus Group

Executive Summary of BVFF Positions

For the Focus Group Representatives

March 7 and 8, 2023

Key Messages to Convey

A. BVFF is a non-profit, member organization that promotes fly fishing through our core missions of:

• Access

• Education

• Conservation

B. Overarching Position:

Add fishing to the Ada County Parks & Waterways Master Plan as a major recreational activity and consider the impact to fish and anglers when making changes to the master plan, including prioritizing protecting and improving fish habitat that will improve fishing in the Boise River and other public waterways within Ada County

C. Reflect in the Ada County Parks & Waterways Master Plan:


BVFF Specific Requests to be Included in the Master Plan of Ada County Parks & Waterways:

A. Protect wild trout in the DMNC/Barber Pool area by supporting catch and release regulations/size limitations, placing monofilament collectors to protect bald eagle and other wildlife, and providing wild fish habitat protection and enhancement. Also, provide and maintain public restrooms.

B. Maintain the Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park reach for unskilled water users and improve/provide the services necessary to protect the river corridor from the negative impacts of heavy traffic by: Partnering with Boise City and BVFF to add educational signage at access points for anti-litter, provide trash bags at all access points, provide restrooms along the corridor with signage as to location, provide trash receptacles at all takeout locations, and place monofilament collectors at fishing access points. In addition, partner with Boise City, IDF&G, BVFF and other organizations to repair and protect riparian areas and improve fish habitat through protection and management of side channels, promoting woody cover, providing spawning gravel, and increasing winter flows.

C. Oppose expansion of any unskilled water craft and removal of wild fish habitat or woody cover from Ann Morrison Park downriver to Ada County Line. If expansion is done, it should be for skilled water users only - Place warning signage at any access points stating that this section of river is for SKILLED BOATERS ONLY and is dangerous to unskilled water users

D. Along the Snake River corridor, support the development of a Regional Park and provide anti-litter signage, trash receptacles and mono collectors

E. Support wild trout habitat including year-round side channels, woody cover, spawning gravel, and increased winter flows in the Boise River to improve fish habitat for spawning and rearing for higher recruitment of fry

F. BVFF would like to partner with Ada County on preventing and cleaning up litter in the river by:

1. Leveraging anti-litter signs from the Diane Moore Nature Center (BVFF developed with IDFG) to major access points, such as Barber Park

2. Work with BVFF to add mono collectors in key locations where mono is a problem, such as at Barber Park where steelhead are released

3. Encourage organizations to join the Living Lands Adopt-a-River program. Support BVFF adding an Adopt-A-River sign on the Boise River downstream of Garden City Limits

Areas of Concern:

A. Increase in motorized jetboat use on the river at Eagle Island State Park into the Boise reach which is hazardous to fishers

B. The conversion of Eagle Island State Park to an Ada County Regional park might include increased unskilled floater access. Any conversion from State Park to County Park that negatively impacts trout habitat is opposed by BVFF

C. Rampant trash in the Swan Falls area. Also, monofilament line being left behind by anglers. This is a raptor nesting area, and they might use the monofilament in their nests creating an entanglement hazard

D. Boise River winter flows are too low to support side channel spawning and rearing habitat

E. Fishing is not listed as a major recreation activity in the current master plan. According to the Outdoor Industry Organization, nationally fishing is the third most popular outdoor activity, after jogging and hiking.

( and we expect that fishing may rank even higher in Idaho. The Boise River through town is a blue ribbon trout stream that is gaining national attention through fishing magazines. Idaho Tourism data shows that fishing is one of the top activities for tourists at twice the national rate

F. The Eagle Island (including Eagle Island State Park) north and south channels are premium trout spawning and rearing habitat and should be left in their natural wild state

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Thank You for inviting us to participate!

BVFF Board of Directors

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