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Greenbacks For REDDS

08 Jan 2023 10:37 AM | Troy Pearse (Administrator)

BVFF's gravel augmentation two years ago on the Boise River has been a HUGE SUCESS! We have seen a dramatic increase in trout spawning in our side channel and this Fall IDFG's Fry Survey found a large number of trout fry there!

Mother nature has been taking the gravel we added to the side channel and repositioning it into new gravel deposits that trout have been using to spawn.  We want to refresh the gravel at the top of the side channel before spring so that Rainbow trout have gravel where they like to spawn, and Mother Nature has more "building materials" to work with during Spring runoff.

We have submitted for a permit to add 15 cubic yards of gravel to the head of the side channel and Boise Flood District 10 has volunteered again to help us move the gravel into the side channel. We expect the permit to be issued in January and we will coordinate with the Flood District to do the gravel refresh later this winter.

To help fund the gravel augmentation we have started the Greenbacks For Redds program.  I estimate it takes about $25 worth of gravel for a trout to make one redd on the Boise river. If you want to help sponsor a redd, buy a Greenback at our BVFF Online Store.

The Owyhee Gravel Augmentation has been delayed due to long permitting times. If all goes well it will happen in the Spring, but it could have to wait until Fall if we don't get our permits in time.  We have received grants from FFI and ODFW to help pay for the Owyhee gravel augmentation, but we have had some unexpected expenses that are raising the cost.  If you want to help sponsor a redd on the Boise River, you can buy Greenbacks at our BVFF Online Store.

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